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Post  Ninety9Problems on Mon Sep 28, 2015 8:32 pm

Please answer the following questions as correctly as possible.
Name: Rob
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Location/Country: Ohio (United States)
In Game Name: Ninety9Problems
Level: 121H
(If you are 150 ignore this question) Are you planning to level up and when?: Next EXP. Event I plan to level to 135 and the following event to 150. I realize I am below the level requirement for admittance however I want to play the game with more people and I will be 130+ very soon.
Do you share your accounts or equipment? (Y/N, if Y specify with whom): No, I have sole access to it.
Have you used a Name Change Scroll? (Y/N, if Y specify all previous names): No, this is my only name.
Do you have any other characters you are active on? (Y/N, if Y please specify all active and preferably inactive characters too): I started a mercenary who I got to level 45 but I haven't used him much yet. I want to get 150 first on my BP before leveling another character. The Mercenaries name is Ninety9. I also have a level 27 Acrobat whose name is Ninety9YoYos. My IGNs will always be recognizable as they start with Ninety9 (Jay Z / Linkin Park song was what I was listening to when I made my first character).
Have you previously been a member of any guild(s)? (Y/N, if Y please specify all previous guilds): No previous guilds except a dead 9 person one that I was invited to and accepted immediately after starting playing again (I played years ago). I don't even remember the name of it. I know it is run by xLi0z.
Do you have any characters currently in other guilds? (Y/N, if Y please specify character and which guild): No other characters are in guilds.
Do you have any friends currently in iCe? (Y/N, if Y please specify whom): Yes, a friend of mine 'tordeck' is in the guild.
How long you play a day +/-: I work 9-6 M-F and I like to play for a few hours after work and on the weekend. (Internet went down yesterday and will be back Wednesday, new ISP).
How long you have played Flyff: 2-3 Months since I started again. I played roughly 5-6 years ago.
What is your role are you pvp or pvm: PVM. I like doing dungeons and would love more people to do them with. Getting a rare drop is an awesome feeling.
Do you want to be considered for our tower siege/guild siege teams: Not yet, I don't know enough about it yet but down the road I am interested.
Are you interested in other guild activities (dungeon running / colloseum etc etc): Yes most definitely. Anything PvE related would be my niche.

Answer the following questions in paragraph form.

What is your motivation for joining iCe: A friend I play with who is in the guild, tordeck, is in the guild and has never said a negative thing about it. Also, I see more people in game from iCe than any other guild.
What do you like to do in game: Dungeons, Giant Hunting, and Events. Upgrading gear is always very exciting. I just got a Rody +8-10 set and have a Wedge +8 also and am pumped to keep upgrading.
What are your in-game goals: Level 150, a super sweet pet, and mostly I would like to be able to run Dungeons and collect and sell the best gear in the game, I am stoked to be able to farm Lv 125 set pieces and start getting into Ancient and Baruna weapons. Dungeons and PvE monster killing is my favorite, I'll never turn down a dungeon and I am hoping that by joining, I will have access to more people do that with.
How do you make money/fund your character:
What is your idea of ​​loyalty to the guild: I like the idea of competition among guilds and once accepted, I won't be going anywhere. I am always down to help other people level and give guidance when I can. I've heard there are good, honest people in iCe and if that is the case, I will stick with them. I enjoy being around respectable people and the social aspect of the game. Always down to talk to anyone who would like to.
Tell us about a experience you had in-game that had an memorable influence on your attitude towards Flyff (good or bad): After just returning back to the game, tordeck found me leveling and we spoke for a bit and I remember him asking to inspect my gear, stats, etc. and gave me some advice on what to do about my stats and how to pick a build and general game advice. He also took me to Khan for my first time and showed me how it is done. Always just a good person to talk to and has spent quite a bit of his time helping me with the game. That has been a very stand out experience for me, as he didn't have to do any of that and I appreciate that he took the time out of his life to do so.
Tell us something about yourself: I work in transportation (3rd party logistics soon, fingers crossed). I love movies, have a very nice girlfriend named Mindy, and 2 cats named Leo and Lilly:).
Give us a reason why we should consider you: I like to believe I'm an honest, capable person and I'm always someone to talk to in game. I'm also progressing in game very quickly and will be a PvE asset very soon, and hopefully PvP in the future (once I know a little more about it!)
Your thoughts about iCe itself: Seems to be a large, top quality guild. I appreciate good leadership and direction and iCe seems to be the most well organized, advanced guild on the server.
What is the reason we should consider you: This same question as asked two lines up, unless I am very mistaken. Please see my answer above.
What do you think about the ideology of calling a guild ur family: While In-Game, your guild is your family. They are the people you talk to, dungeon with, level with, and go to for opinions and advice. I am very excited to have an In-Game network of people to work and socialize with.

Please accept my apologies in advance for any typos or formatting issues as I am doing this via mobile. My internet is down until Wednesday due to switching internet providers. Thank you for the consideration.

Respectfully Submitted,

Rob / Ninety9Problems

If I am accepted to iCe, I agree not to have any characters in other siege guilds or share gear or accounts with someone else in another guild unless approved by leader of iCe and Kingpins. I also understand that by submitting my application, I agree to these terms and will abide by rules. If rules are violated, I WILL be kicked from iCe. I understand if I am accepted, it is on a trial basis


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Post  xxTheOnexx on Tue Sep 29, 2015 2:43 am

Welcome to the forum,

I didn't read the whole application, but I can honestly say that wrote a good one. Even though I don't really know you! Anyways, Good luck! Ninety9Problems Application  3925848005
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Post  masterme on Tue Sep 29, 2015 8:07 am

Hi Rob
welcome to our forum

you made a nice aplication gl with it^^

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Ninety9Problems Application  Empty Re: Ninety9Problems Application

Post  Celinator on Tue Sep 29, 2015 9:54 am

Hi, Rob! I remember telling you about where to find our forums like a month ago xD. Glad to see you applied even though the lvl requirement is what stopped you before. Dont worry too much about the lvl requirement. As long as your going to lvl relatively soon that wont be a huge issue Ninety9Problems Application  3917458705 Very nice application by the way! Welcome to the forums, and best of luck with applying Ninety9Problems Application  3709886894

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Ninety9Problems Application  Empty Re: Ninety9Problems Application

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