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SkyLiner's Applecation :D Empty SkyLiner's Applecation :D

Post  SkyLiner<('.')> on Mon Dec 29, 2014 10:11 pm

Name: Majed Ibrahim
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Location/Country: Syria / Live in UAE
In Game Name: SkyLiner
Class: CrackShooter
Level: 130
(If you are 150 ignore this question) Are you planning to level up and when?:now lvling with sohrab atm 106 Master
Do you share your accounts or equipment? (Y/N, if Y specify with whom): Nope :D
Have you used a Name Change Scroll? (Y/N, if Y specify all previous names): Not really!
Do you have any other characters you are active on? (Y/N, if Y please specify all active and preferably inactive characters too):
Have you previously been a member of any guild(s)? (Y/N, if Y please specify all previous guilds): Murano
Do you have any characters currently in other guilds? (Y/N, if Y please specify character and which guild): no
Do you have any friends currently in iCe? (Y/N, if Y please specify whom):Sohrab, albin
How long you play a day +/-: Max 10hours a day
How long you have played Flyff: 8years
Do you have any siege experience: yes on private servers

What is your motivation for joining iCe: Joining iCe is a great thing i wanted to do since v12 , because the members are chat active and friendly and LEGENDS.
What do you like to do in game: Arena , Making money :D
What are your in-game goals: Become the MVP in a day.
How do you make money/fund your character: Resell, wCoins
What is your idea of ​​loyalty to the guild: Don't take everything seriously specially when the player is joking.
Tell us about a experience you had in-game that had an memorable influence on your attitude towards Flyff (good or bad):
Ahm, There are a lot of memories specially when my friend tank to me until i get lvl 130 , that will always make me happy and will be appreciated, as some members in iCe helped me (will never forget them :) )
Tell us something about yourself:
I'm Majed I live in Al- ain city,my favorite sport is football , i cant stop thinking about it even before i sleep i think what i have to do in the next day and all my thinking of the team that im challenging :D


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