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Application for iCe Empty Application for iCe

Post  Fliqq on Thu Apr 23, 2015 3:45 pm

Name: Tyler
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Location/Country: Florida (USA)
In Game Name: Fliqq xAcid
Class:Fliqq BP xAcid Yj
Level: Fliqq 60, xAcid 122
(If you are 150 ignore this question) Are you planning to level up and when?: I do plan on achieving the highest I can when I have the time and a crazy event comes up!
Do you share your accounts or equipment? (Y/N, if Y specify with whom): Would not say share account but a really close fried of mine that we joined together on knows my info.
Have you used a Name Change Scroll? (Y/N, if Y specify all previous names): Never
Do you have any other characters you are active on? (Y/N, if Y please specify all active and preferably inactive characters too): Tons of Characters that are inactive.
Have you previously been a member of any guild(s)? (Y/N, if Y please specify all previous guilds): No people ask me to join but decline them.
Do you have any characters currently in other guilds? (Y/N, if Y please specify character and which guild): None
Do you have any friends currently in iCe? (Y/N, if Y please specify whom): Yes I do. Maiden666 being one of the main ones
How long you play a day +/-: If and when I have a moment I can get wrapped up all day. With work and school I tend to be on but mostly vending or hanging out while doing homework.
How long you have played Flyff: I have played flyff since v6
What is your role are you pvp or pvm: I have done both but rather just PvP now
Do you want to be considered for our tower siege/guild siege teams: If I could have the time in my schedule to commit I will. If you need it
Are you interested in other guild activities (dungeon running / colloseum etc etc): Anything if I can work out a schedule

Answer the following questions in paragraph form.

What is your motivation for joining iCe: My favorite motivation would have to be when I started getting around flyff more not when I started, but when I started understanding how to get better at the game. One of my main goals were to join the guild.
What do you like to do in game: I like to talk and run around with alot of speed.
What are your in-game goals: In game goals. To be able to wipe out an Arena/Seige full of people
How do you make money/fund your character: Mostly Vending old gear and CS and flipping eq.
What is your idea of ​​loyalty to the guild: Obviously not distributing any information that could give other guilds the upperhand
Tell us about a experience you had in-game that had an memorable influence on your attitude towards Flyff (good or bad): I have been so in to this game for to long that every time I try to leave I come straight back. You can be the judge to say if that is Good or Bad.
Tell us something about yourself: I work alot and I am on my Bachelors program right now. Great Dude, and very reasonable if you need something let me know at the end of the day it is a game and to not get stressed about it.
Give us a reason why we should consider you: Gurantee never a dull moment when I am around.
Your thoughts about iCe itself: Beautiful, talented, and relaxed
What is the reason we should consider you: I will provide upmost attention to the game.
What do you think about the ideology of calling a guild ur family: Being comfortable to ask the next person for advice and not have to deal with hate of any sort or scolding.


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Application for iCe Empty Re: Application for iCe

Post  lomaintfem on Thu Apr 23, 2015 4:06 pm

thank you for filling out an application.. we do have a min level requirement of 130.. please level one of your toons to our requirement and we can consider your application :)

Sorry, this site does not accept user older than 99 years old
Application for iCe Annisig2 Thankies Kia <3
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Application for iCe Empty Re: Application for iCe

Post  MasterShot on Fri Apr 24, 2015 9:16 am

About time you made an app Tyler lol Application for iCe 810156456
Just pick a character you wanna play for sure this time... and ill help you get 130. jajajaja Application for iCe 675700275
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