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Post  Wyth on Wed Jul 08, 2015 9:37 pm

Please answer the following questions as correctly as possible.
Name: Vitor Funchal
Age:18 years
Location/Country:São Paulo / Brasil
In Game Name: Wyth
Class: Force Master
Level: 130
(If you are 150 ignore this question) Are you planning to level up and when?:I'm waiting for the next event to level! Unfortunately I was banned and returned July 7 so I'm not 150
Do you share your accounts or equipment? (Y/N, if Y specify with whom):no, I never shared
Have you used a Name Change Scroll? (Y/N, if Y specify all previous names): Never !
Do you have any other characters you are active on? (Y/N, if Y please specify all active and preferably inactive characters too): Dont have !
Have you previously been a member of any guild(s)? (Y/N, if Y please specify all previous guilds): Guild Recovery ( Brazilians only! )
Do you have any characters currently in other guilds? (Y/N, if Y please specify character and which guild): Dont Have
Do you have any friends currently in iCe? (Y/N, if Y please specify whom):not, however I intend to make enough friends!
How long you play a day +/-:2 years (however I was banned for six months)
How long you have played Flyff: 8 hours per day
What is your role are you pvp or pvm: PVP, have always been fanatic per player verses player
Do you want to be considered for our tower siege/guild siege teams: I plan to instead go with the Guild siege, however need to improve some items for now. But as soon as you're done, I want to go siege to the Guild, and give my maximum it!
Are you interested in other guild activities (dungeon running / colloseum etc etc):yes, I am ready to serve you guys in need!

Answer the following questions in paragraph form.

What is your motivation for joining iCe: I intend to grow within the Guild, give my maximum and helping when I can for the Guild growth
What do you like to do in game: help with the Guild much as you can!
What are your in-game goals:
Finished fixing my items, and go siege!
How do you make money/fund your character: I put Wcoins almost every month
What is your idea of ​​loyalty to the guild: Being committed to the Guild, always present at the right time, and helping with the guild contribution.
Tell us about a experience you had in-game that had an memorable influence on your attitude towards Flyff (good or bad): A friend of mine was stopping to play, for he had no condition to put Wcoins and was discouraged. I put 9k Wcoins in his account, so he did not stop playing.
Tell us something about yourself:I'm communicative, helpful, I like to help, participatory, and always think of benefits for Guild, never prejudice!
Give us a reason why we should consider you:I intend to close an appointment with the Guild, to be totally dedicated, helpful and committed to the Guild!
Your thoughts about iCe itself: A Guild with friends, where one can trust the other and demonstrate real friendship!
What is the reason we should consider you: The important thing is to try. :D recruitment --- iCe --- *-* 810156456
What do you think about the ideology of calling a guild ur family: Family means true friends and those friendships is what prevails above all.


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Post  TonTon on Wed Jul 08, 2015 9:44 pm

Welcome to the forums wyth, I see that your main language is probably Portuguese, we generally speak English in guild chat, so my question is will you have an issue with a language barrier, or are you fluent in English?


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Post  masterme on Thu Jul 09, 2015 11:51 am

hi viktor

welcome to the forum and good luck with your further aplication^^

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Post  xxTheOnexx on Thu Jul 09, 2015 4:16 pm

Hello and welcome!
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